10 Jul 2015

+++ Space Marines update +++

Some big update of my marines. I´ve finished brits for bolt action and still waiting for more germans to come and a new marine codex appeard so I´ve turned for my blue boys.
Reclusiarch Tiber "Scourge of the Faithless" of the 1st Company.  
Squad Eneri "Voidborns" of the 1st company. Not many of the Tactical Dreadnought Armour remains in the possession of the Chapter, so "Voidborns" are clad in power armour.
Specialised in void combat, ship-to-ship engagement and orbital deployment, brothers from squad Eneri are often accompanied with reclusiarch Tiber, who was, long ago, one of the members.

Brother Fronn with the reliquary containing the skull of sergeant Eneri, first of his name.

Squad Salus "Firespitters", veterans of the 1st company. Brothers from this squad had turned the tide of battle on few occasions by rapid deployment and skillful use of flamethrowers.

Brother Nulien lost his leg during the assault on last stronghold of warboss Nasgrug. While Nasgrug was occupied by chopping his leg off, he blew the brain of his monstrous head.

Brother Lanst, so-called "Pastbearer" for his reverence to the remains of first battle brothers who served under first sergeant Salus during the dark days of the Time of Silence.

 Holy Land Rider named "Lux Emperor", one of most revered artifacts from the time of Founding. It is a Crusader pattern build upon MKIIb. Godhammer pattern. After suffering catasthrophic damage from eldar lance weapons, he was refited upon forgeworld Astan.

"Lux Emperor" deploying honour guard of the Chapter "Blades of the Emperor" along with chapter master Reivan Longinius.
Members of the honour guard are amongst most able commanding officers and fighters in the chapter.

Reivan Longinius, Chapter master
Master of the Swords, Lord of Powys, Protector of Norin and First Hand of Claymore

For most of his battle brothers, his subjects and the Imperium, Reivan Longinius is savior of his chapter and probably for a large part of sector too.
He raised to his rank during the dark days of invasion, when he led the counter-attack that decided the fate of a planet. 
„I don´t speak wisdom. Wisdom is for scholars. I´m a warrior and a leader. I speak with responsibility.
Master Longinius to farseer Shedai
Master Reivan is often seen in the saddle of bike, leading assaults from the front.

+++ Some terrain +++

Some WWII roads cut from plastcard I´ve found a long time ago. There are also some tank traps from Bolt Action pack. Don´t like how they turn out, too dark I´m afraid. Maybe I´ll make em more rusty.

Of course, there will be more roads, but now I´m stuck in 40K as you´ll see later. And cat pissed into the bucket full of sand, so I have to ... wash it and let it dry.

So far last of our houses. More to come I hope. This burned / deserted / bombed out one was my favorite. I´ve put some dirt and debris into it. I coud do more, but don´t have much experience with such modeling yet.

And some 40K / Infinity crates for cover.

Little piss-machine named Pixel looking at me while I paint :)