22 Jul 2013

+++Hydra Gun Emplacement+++

As now I need every Chimera and Hydras are now near-useless in normal games, my Hydras are now almost extinct. Models will be converted for Griffon or Medusa, but still I got 3 turrets.
So I´ve started with emplacements, mainly for our Apocalypse games.

There will be some metal effect by plastic web/grid and plastcard details by Evergreen.


14 Jul 2013

+++Ferret, Varrior, Ortos, Carthan and epistolary Varus+++

Hi there, long time, no see.
   I wasn´t quite in a mood for painting and got not much time left for gaming either. For a week I was in Manchester UK, very nice city. And there I was just chillin´, gettin´in touch with reality and work.
But I´m back now. Or at least I hope so.

   Light vehicle Ferret, build on a Centaur chasis is hastly design of a recon vehicle which originated from Vanderren sector and is used by local militias, PDFs and regiments of IG. This is the anti-tank answer for recce squads. Used in ambushes, Ferret got twin-linked missile launcher and about 8 more missiles which can be fired upon side armour of passing armoured vehicle.
   This one belongs to 4th Yalden regiment.

Well, this vehicle is designed on real anti tank missile carriers as FV102 Striker or Marder (IFV). All I needed was one sleepless night, brain full of what-if-world war III  scenarios and than flash of genius. 

   Brother Varrio, now venerable dreadnought of the Swords of Ultima chapter. Once a sergeant of the preatorian squad, criticaly wounded during the raid of Gantalles. One of the oldest brothers, he remembers well the time of Silence, when whole sector was cut off from the Imperium by strong Warp Storm.  

   Brother epistolar Varus, Guardian of the threshold and the Bane of the daemon. Here he´s with jump pack and also on bike. My favorite model so far. As I´m looking forward for new codex and some sort of familiar, he´s got a raven - Orev.

  This is my female model for Void Navigator. Originaly comes with a male head, but since I´ve got almost all models male, I bought some women heads and so I used one here. I think it´s more realistic and nicer than those Raging Heroes nonsenses.

   Brother Carthan.

   Brother Ontos