24 May 2013

+++Arivisian Treaty, Part I.+++

Hi again,
Here´s a small portion of the fluff for my chapter - Swords of Ultima

+++Arivisian Treaty+++

+++As transcribed via astropath from the words of Ambassador Olkros the Blessed, envoy of the most holy order of the Arivisian Cog, keeper of the Arivisian Treaty.+++

My Lords,
I enclose here the sum total of the knowledge I have acquired in the mission entrusted to me by Magos Primaris Teuten of the most trusted Council of the Cog. During my service on the battle-barge Divine Blade I have been able to document the organisation, tactical and strategic doctrine and cultural idiosyncracies of the Swords of Ultima chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. The terms of the Arivisian Treaty, under which my service alongside the Chapter's techmarines is permitted, proved invaluable in granting me access to the Chapter's repositories of knowledge. Although be sure, that the Chapter remained silent to almost every question from recent history. And also the mystery behind so called “Swordkeepers” remained untold. 

I have honoured the conditions of our treaty to the letter and never steps out from my boundaries in this case, never let myself slip into the Chapter´s sacred wells of knowledge without invitation, so that this report can be viewed as incomplete or vague.


From their founding, the Swords of Ultima have occupied world of Powys in Vanderenn Sector, Segmentum Ultima. Although it is still officially classed by the Administratum as an imperial world, in practical terms Powys is now nothing more than war-torn nightmarish ruin of its´ former glory. Scarred surface is charred by war hidden under twilight sun blocked by heavy radiation filled dust clouds. From the radiation levels in air and the state of the surface, I can suggest that this event did happen not longer than two centuries before.

 What caused this unfortunate state of Powys is a subject of grim silence from the battle-brothers of the Chapter. Rarely they spoke about Powys and no-one but Lord Epistolar Severus Aries ever answered my curious questions. From what I learned from him and from our archives on Jusia XII, Powys was subject to a major battle between the chapter and the traitorous legion whose name had not preserved to this day. Or at least remains in secrecy. Given the particular silence on this matter, maybe it was one of the ancient traitors? I leave this suggestions to you, venerated magos.

What remains from the cities on the planet, is also only a ruin. From what I heard, majority is utterly destroyed, wiped from the surface by orbital bombardment and terrible war. Some remained, destroyed and burned, but defiantly standing still as an reminder of local people steadfast attitude. Remnants of population live in those ruins life of a harsh struggle. Somehow fitting breed for a holy Adeptus Astartes I presume.

II. Origins

                Our own Arivisian Treaty is dating to the first half of the M37 and we already knew that the Chapter was at full strength at that time. Until now, most trusted Council of the Cog wasn´t aware of their ancient history. I now can enlighten you a bit as Lord Severus was unexpectedly sharing with this topic.

                During the Age of Apostasy and the Reign of Blood, when our beloved Empire was  weakened by betrayal and a civil war, xenos and renegades begun their raids, attacks and conquests. Stretched thin, forces of the Empire could not effectively protect its´ own length and breath. So the decision was made to create a new chapter from the revered gene-seed of the glorious Ultramarine chapter. As I believe, our Cog don´t have an access to the Martian vaults where gene-seed sample is stored so this should be looked upon. I wasn´t able to get a knowledge of an exact founding number, but since 13th and 21st Founding took place a short time before Age of Apostasy, it´s not expected that this was one of those Cursed founding.

                And so, imperial world of Powys was chosen as their homeworld by first master Remus, formerly the captain of the Ultramarines 3rd company.  Please note that more venerated names were spoken: Paliondis, Mantus... none of which I was granted more knowledge about. Exact reasons of the founding are unknown to me, but as Lord Severus told me, most ancient scrolls spokes about glorious wars against a number of WAAAGH! in sector.

                Since then, reports, stories, legends and tales about the Chapter are numerous not only in Vanderenn sector, but also nearby sectors. One certain tale, as I have been able to acquire it from St.Stollinaris Library in Macharia. There is an unnatural silence for a long time though. Since mid M37. to the beginning of M38. a strong Warp Storm engulfed whole sector and made all communications and transport from and into the sector impossible. During this time, the chapter along with PDF, local imperial forces and even few groups of other Astartes (maybe from them they´ve acquired many ancient relics we´ve seen on their actions?) stand vigilant and strong in defense of the sector.

                After the terrible Warp Storm our famous forefather Dorsmeurius returned Vanderenn to the light of the Emperor and on the world of Arivisian he signed the treaty with the Chapter.

Narchun´s Reavers

Hi again after couple of days.
This week I´ve been busy painting my Space Marines, namely jumppack command squad for chaplain, but since they are not finished yet, I´ll introduce you another bunch of renegates - Narchuns´s Reavers.
They are my side project (as is my whole renegade guard) but I´ve get bored by painting Space Marines. For some weeks I was kept away from renegades since I wasn´t sure how they should look.
I´ve got 25 Maur aep Noch´s Marauders modeled as ex-sailors, but for this new platoon, I promised my brother that they will have more sinister and more Blood Pact look.
Not an easy task considering they are from catachans and I´m a lame with greenstuff. But some ideas come out into my mind so I´ve tried to upgrade them a bit.
Catachans mixed with cultists from Dark Vengeance and marauders from FB. They´ve got a few spikes, horns and weird stuff. They´ve also got metal plates here and there and fur on shoulders and waist.
Fur on Reavers is part the badge of success in Moiian campaign and part necessity since northern continent is colder than their homeland.

I´ll have to learn something about photography.... sorry for it.

So here is command squad. Narchun the Horned Beast is the commander. Ex-sergeant from household guard of the House Frakos, he had betrayed his former employee, turned to chaos and founded a small warband. He is with the rebellion almost since it´s beginning, worshiping dark gods and seeking pacts of power.

Narchun the Horned Beast.

Barkhos, the Defiler of the Church and a rapist. Once, he was cursed by one of his victins to die horribly in righteous flames.. His time will surely come.

Molkor the Iconoclast. Blessed by the Blood. He is the iconbearer of the Khorne and relentless destroyer of everything imperial.
On his side is Smaphtor, former priest from Danas. He found himself in more harsh belief and fled with Reavers.

Kastrus. His throat was slit by some nameless enemy during hive war at the start of the rebellion. Since than he´s silent and malevolent.

And finaly, Sorkos and his pack. Almost all of them hails from hive Sonaal and household of the House Frakos

12 May 2013

Maur aep Noch´s Marauders & Ravan Khaiin

From now on I´m switching this blog to engrish :) so be patient please.

Today I´ve managed to finish platoon command squad for "brother´s" renegade imperial guard.
I ´ve a plan for a fluffy renegades from my world of Aterna Prime where the majority of my fluff belongs.

Maur aep Noch is a former captain of the frigate which sailed on Aterna´s hot seas for a long time ´till he and his crew joined the rebellion, than falls for the chaos cults and during the invasion on northern continet, loyalists aircraft sinks this frigate. Since than, Maur and his crew joined the chaos army.

Maur aep Noch - grizzled red bearded devil from the sea
Ullaus - ghostly drummer and captain´s closest advisor
Dreup - vox operator and axeman from Moiian
Hawtek - he-who-whispers
Crazed Tull - former slave from imperial ship
Benediktus - heretek and former techpriest from the frigate

Recently I was approached with a friend of mine with the idea of playing the Necromunda again.
Since my old Goliath gang went to the chaos IG army (soon to be on this blog too I hope) and I consider the GW gang-models not very likeable, I´m trying to build a new one from my bitz box.
It´ll be house Orlock gang.
Now, this is WIP of Ravan Khaiin, gangleader, former imperial priest (and later acolyte of inquisitor Avanor Hades

6 May 2013

Battlereport: Vanilla SM vs Chaos

Dnes som hral s brchom 1999pts Vanilla marínu proti Chaosu. Keďže sme sa tak nejako zhodli, že dvaja draci sú turnajový overkill a tiež sa nám chcelo hrať veci, ktoré bežne nehráme, armády boli "nekompetetívne" i keď v prípade chaosu jeden nikdy nevie :D

Misia: 4objective, deploy: na dlžku stola. nebol nightfight

HQ - Kharn , 3lvl Nurgle Kúzelník
Elite - Nurgle spawn 3x
Troops - Berzerkerz 16x, marines w/2x melta, MoK 10x, marines w/2x plasma gun, MoK 10x
Fast - bikes 5x, melta MoK, drak
Heavy - Havocs w/4x AC, Maulerfiend, Forgefiend

HQ - master w/JP, SS, relic, chaplain Ivanus Enkomi
Elite - Sternguard 5x w/Droppod, Ironclad w/Droppod, Siege Dreadnought w/Droppod
Troops - 10x scout w/Telion, 10x SM w/Rhino, 10x SM w/Rhino
Fast - 5x vanguard, 10x assault squad w/SS&PF, 2xplasma pistol

brcho ma pustil prvého, do jeho línií som hodil oba dreadnoughty a siege s plamenometom AP3 zapálil z 5 len 3 Havocov :) Druhý síce dal Maulerfiendovi 2 penetračné, ale brcho s kľudom angličana oba saevol na demon 5+. Trochu som sa hýbal, ale keďže v strede mal 16 khorňákov s Kharnom, držal som sa tak nejako vzadu.
On sa s khorňákmi rozbehol stredom, po ľavom krídle šiel s motorkami + turboboost do mojej línie a za nimi poslal 10mariňákov s plasmami. Proti dreadnoughtom nasadil forgefienda, squadu s meltami a maulerfienda.
Streľbu a následný charge prežil iba ironclad, ktorého neskolili ani dve melty ani hades autokanón. Siege dreadyho mi forgefiend rozpáral, ale spravil (skoro) čo mal. :)

V druhom kole mi vanguardi nedošli, ale sternguardi v drope hej. Vysadil som ich pri meltičoch, ktorí ostali v tyle chaosu a AP3 boltrami ich trocha pokosil. Účinnosť bola prekvapivo vysoká. Do budúcna by zvládli pri sebe kúzelníka s T-1 kúzlom.
Troška som sa okašľal, keď som s ironcladom šiel do Forgefienda namiesto Maulera a ten ma rozobral. Nevadí. S kaplanom, šéfom a assault squadou som nabehol do motoriek, ktoré nevydržali. Žiaľ, lebo som vedel, že príjde drak.
Sniperi zatiaľ strieľali do khorňákov a tacticaly sedeli v rhinách.
Brchovi prišiel drak, zfúkol pár assaulťákov. Zvyšok plazmových chaosákov sa mi zakusol do sternguardov a kúzelník so Spawnami mi chargol assaultov. Podhodil som mu seržanta s fistou a štítom a dal som mu wound. Sám som 3 saveol. Profit! Kharn s kamošmi šiel ďalej k strednému objectivu.

Tretie kolo som skúsil zostreliť lucky laserom draka, ale nevyšiel. Nevadí. S kúzelníkom som sa ďalej bil. Zabil som mu skoro všetkých spawnov a mne zomrel seržant. Obeta ok.
Prišli mi Vanguardi ale samozrejme mishap. Našťastie "len" dopadli podla brcha. Tak do mojeho deployu.
Brcho mi drakom pokračoval cez jednotky, zapálil 4 z 5 vanguardov. Mauler zničil jedno rhino, Forgefiend nedochargoval ku sternguardom. Tí aspoň zabili zvyšok melta chaosákov. Kharn s jednotkou tiež nedochargovali k tacticale, ktorá musela vystúpiť z rhina.
V combate som zabil kúzelníka, ale posledný spawn s posledným životom prežili...

Long story short, vyhral som.
Hlavné je ale to, že som si vyskúšal alpha strike s dreadnoughtami, ktoré som v 6. edícii zatiaľ sotva hral.
Ten flamestorm cannon u siege dreadyho je super, ironclada tiež. Asi im ešte dám šancu, ak nebudem hrávať drahé motorky.
Ivanus Enkomi je fajn. Takmer 150pts za JP,Fistu, granátomet a "rage" USR je celkom fajn.

+++Siege Dreadnought v chrbte+++
 +++Kharn s berzerkrami pomaly postupuje vpred+++
 +++Chaptermaster Reivan Longinius & Chaplain Samarius+++

Projekt Stôl & Assault squad Remus

Niekedy v priebehu minulého týždňa som dokončil stôl aj pár terénov k nemu.
+++Opustená pevnosť+++ 

+++Stôl - rozbitá cesta, zabudnuté vlhké lúky na Aterna Prime+++
 +++Socha svätca na Aterna Prime+++
Už sa neviem dočkať, kedy si na stole zahrám. V poslednej dobe som mal doma celkom prázdno z rozličných dôvodov. Ale zajtra by sa to už mohlo zmeniť. Dal by som nejaký slabší report.

Pár vecí mi nevyšlo, najmä väčšia diverzita tráv, ale s tým sa ešte viem pohrať. Skúsim dokončiť a pridať ešte pár skál a kamenia a machu. I keď taká vysoká úroveň detailov je vhodná skôr pre železničného modelára...
Čo je fakt najväčšia otrava na stoloch je ten "flock". Nefunguje ako má, presvitá ním zaschnutý Duvilax a v byte sa vznáša ešte dva-tri dni po...

V štvrtok večer som finišoval aj s útočnou jednotkou ôsmej centúrie seržanta Remusa. Ak sa nemýlim je to už 130 domalovaný mariňák, ktorý prešiel aj "prefarbením" keď som sa konečne odhodlal viac odlíšiť svoju kapitulu od Ultramarines.

 +++Jednotka Remus a úplne vľavo apothecary Allacron (v prípade ak budem hrať ako Blood Angels)+++