18 Jun 2015

+++ For King and Country! +++

Well, since I´ve spent a few weeks playing Witcher III, I could not upload any completed models : )
Nor that I got any spare time for painting. But somehow (still dunno how) I´ve managed to finish all brits I got. For now. I will almost sure expand this army. Though I have to complete SS first..
Whatever, let´s move forward.
This is the new plastic Sherman from Warlord / Italery series and I really enjoyed it so far. Original tankist was smaller than warlord models, so I´ve bought warlord one. Don´t  know why Italery have as much different body. They were making those models for Bolt Action, do they?

 Back to the tank. I´ve marked it as a tank from 11th Armoured Division and used few parts from stowage set from warlord.

There it is with the divisional recce vehicle, jeep ehm I mean schwimmwagen. Hope you like it. Still don´t have that MMG, but I´ll got one from Peter in time. 

And now it´s time for armoured cars from 2nd Household. I really, really like British armoured cars. They are cute as hell (well, they are ugly as fuck, but that weird British way I like) and quite annoying. Especially Daimler, so called pin-giver.

Mighty AEC III who plays the role of Puma in my army. Medium AT, Recce. I like it. And also it´s nice brick of resin : )
Commandos boys. Still don´t know from which regiment, maybe some marine brigade? 4 SMGs, 4 rifles. And few old metal heads from warlord. Please ignore that guy on first picture on left. That face is rubbish : )) old metal heads...

During my last game, those brave sexteen men held almost whole german army for two turns. And almost half of them even survived to the last turn. I like em. Hope they will like me too 
Arty observer. The most hated guy in my army. Both by me and by my opponents. From the last 4 games, he called an arty twice on my forces. Guess he is illiterate or what. 
Family photo of the Universal Carriers. Don´t know why I bought them, they are not as good as halftrucks, but whatever. I like them : )
I can still use them as mobile platforms for the LMG.

And there is also the MMG Carrier which I like as an add-on to the game. It usually spells at least one sad face on my opponent, so it´s worth taking.
For King and Country!

 At last there are some terrain pieces. Enjoy.