5 Mar 2015

+++ First DZC battle in more than a year +++

Yesterday we´ve played 1000pts battle UCM against Scourge. I´ve played DZC after maybe year and a half, maybe two, so I was bit clumsy. (Also two beers didn´t helped much )

I ´m also waiting for couple of new models, so I´ve had to field quite a lot proxy models – less useable photos then.

Mission was something with 3 objectives in the middle of the table. One worth 2 points, other two for 1 point each.

Don´t know what my opponent played except the starter plus that flying monster and so on. I would like to say pretty standard Scourge army, but I don´t know how it looks anyway heh.
Photo is right there.
 UCM armylist
Kodiak with lieutenant
4x Wolwerine-B

3x Sabres in condor with missiles
3x Rapiers in condor with missiles

3x Katanas in condor

2x legionnaires in Raven
2x legionnaires in Raven

Air Support
2x Archangels

Well, nothing strong in my opinion, nothing heavy on infantry so I had to pray for some luck.
Also I wanted to try those FM Archangels so I got no spare points for other stuff. 

As Miglo, my opponent, brought a lot of infantry on the table, I knew that I had to do some miracle stuff or, better, grab the initiative later in the game.
So when, after our first round, Miglo deployed his Destroyers quite aggressive forward, I´ve managed to get the initiative by the card (reroll with CV 5) and Rapiers downed Intruder Dropship. Luckily destroyers survived, but did nothing for the rest of the game.

But he also deployed his other infantry into the central building and managed to find the objective on 6+. Ok. I´ve deployed mine infantry via Ravens into the other buildings with objectives, but did not fing anything yet.

On the next turn he loaded the objective into the Marauder and flew him to the edge, but not from the table.
So again, I´ve won the initiative, sent in the Archangels but those bastards didn´t shoot down the Marauder. Sad. But they corrected their mistake during the game later when they destroyed Intruder with Prowlers (three died, only last one survived only to be destroyed by Katanas later) and stripped Desolator´s 4 wounds. Not stellar, but I liked them for their ability to deliver the blow into opponent´s deploy. Always useful (I ´m Space Marine player after all..)

In the closing of the game I´ve found two other objectives, flew off the board so it was 4-4 on objectives.
Honorable mention was the Desolator, who, befor he died, did some considerable damage.
One thing I really don´t like in this cityscape is it´s „american“ style of streets. I´m from middle europe, where all our streets are curved and not too straight for some lenght.
I´m bit frustrated by this open corridor of fire. Well, not frustrated but not as much thrilled as I would like to be.

But whatever. This could me solved by more terrain and also by other cityscape. I´ve got some ideas about half-collapsed buildings so it could be better. Also Miglo provided me by a handful of toy cars so I´ll do some wrecks.

Overall it was very fun and close game as I always remembered it. Looking forward to it and to expand it in Bratislava.



3 Mar 2015

+++ Legion IV, Reconquest +++

Good evening or whatever time it is now. I´ve finished those few models I´ve got from UCM faction from Dropzone Commander game.
I´ll post something about game or why I like it, but not now heh. I´ll have to work on my english a bit more to write some fairly complex text. So, let´s focus on models.


Command vehicle of the 2nd Task Force - "Felix" of the Legion IV. See the yellow marker above front wheel? That´s TF marker.
2nd Task Force is under the command of the colonel Rudolf "Rudi" Strasser, former tank commander and agressive leader. Now, after the initial phase of Reconquest, he can be considered as an able commander.


Squad B, Armoured company B. Led by lieutenant Knispel, this squad is one of the oldest serving under colonel Strasser. During their first fight against Scourge, they scored seven armoured kills without the loss of a single tank.


Squad E, Armoured company B. Anti-aircraft support unit which is often used to dug-out the infantry from their hiding. 


Bear section of the Legionnaire Company A, 212nd Battalion. This section is commonly transported by Condors. Also fresh recruits for the Reconquest, but after harsh and austere training in Camp Arthur Currie, they are more than able to take back planets from the Scourge.


Condor of the famous Black Birds drop-wing. This fighting unit is well-known for their skill, veterancy and bold actions of it´s pilots - all of them are women.  
This particular Condor is partially painted green - which is the sign of a fresh recruit into the drop-wing. 

Also one of the Condors of the Black Birds, this one is all black - the veteran of many drops and deployments. Condors of this wing are usually armed by missiles, for their pilots are mavericks and they´re too often trigger-happy. 


So far my whole collection.
There are few new models on it´s way