22 May 2015

+++ SS Wiking & few more british +++

I ´ve recieved some new stuff for Bolt Action this week. That includes a brand new box of German Grenadiers who´ll become my second army for Bolt Action - 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking.

But first things first, Daimler Dingo. Nice piece of resin but without interior details and without Bren gun option what is bit meh as I like WYSIWYG.
But otherwise it´s fair model and after I´ll recieve stowage and tarps pack, it´ll be more colourful.
Also I have to find something for antenna. Some kind of wire? Dunno right now.

And then... Not so long ago I was wandering the internet and found this picture. Well, it captured my imagination and so I knew what have to be done. 

I´ll play it as a Jeep. There´s only one problem though, I have to find some MMG brits used (thinking about .30cal from M4 halftrack set) because I´m not a big fan of HMG. Although I´ll give it try. 

Well, this was the time I cursed Warlord Games for their static plastic poses, hands and arms. Thinking about tons of possibilities one can manage with GW models.. But whatever, after few evenings and brainstorming, I think those gestures of "WTF is this shit Sipkins?!" came out quite nice. Also the metal one at the back seat is holding binoculars in hand and got a map case on the other seat. Details details...

Also Peter sold me his Commandos and two Carriers, so now I´ve got enough infantry for brits (well, I can buy maybe few more pieces like flamethrower and so on..). So I´ll upgrade the paint for the Commandos and than I´ll have around 60 dangerous Tommy´s. 

Also I´m thinking about converting one of the old and bigger Universal Carrier to Wasp Flamethrower he he he

And now for the nazis : ) I really, really love those models and looking forward to paint them. They are splendid and full of character and, what is IMHO the best of all, their guns are mostly glued to the arms and are sturdier than british ones (still have three broken BRENs somewhere..)

Thanks and so long. 

18 May 2015

+++ Bolt Action Battle Report +++

So I´ve played a game during the Saturday at our local club against Peter (who brought BA to Slovakia) with the assistance of Greg who documented this game with truly remarkable style and dedication.

I´ve played my 3rd Infantry Division, all veterans supported with AEC III and Mortar Carrier. They can be really nasty and hard to kill. Of course, I´ve helped myself with taking ´up and at ´em special rule.
Yes, I´m really bad person.

Now there´s Greg´s battlereport and I ´ve uploaded some of his pictures at the end.

Britain VS Germany (1000 points)

Britain (Rudi):
       1.       2nd Lieutenant + soldier (2 x SMG) – Veteran
2.       Free artillery forward observer + soldier (1 x pistol, 1 x rifle) – Regular
3.       Alpha squad (2 x SMG, 2 x LMG, 6 x rifle) – Veteran
4.       Bertie squad (2 x SMG, 2 x LMG, 6 x rifle) – Veteran
5.       Charlie squad (2 x SMG, 2 x LMG, 6 x rifle) – Veteran
6.       PIAT team – Regular
7.       Sniper team – Regular
8.       MMG team – Regular
9.       Light mortar team – Regular
10.   Jeep (pintle mounted MMG) – Regular
11.   3-inch mortar carrier – Regular
12.   AEC heavy armoured car with 75mm cannon – Regular

Germany (Pete):
1.       2nd Lieutenant Adler + 2 soldiers (3 x SMG) – Regular
2.       Gruppe 1 (2 x assault rifle, 1 x LMG, 7 x rifle) – Regular
3.       Gruppe 2 (2 x SMG, 4 x rifle) – Regular
4.       MMG Hanomag 01 (carrying Lt. Adler & Gruppe 2) – Regular
5.       MMG Hanomag 02 (carrying Gruppe 1) – Regular
6.       StuG IV – Regular
7.       2nd Lieutenant Bauer + soldier (2 x assault rifle) – Regular
8.       Gruppe 3 (1 x LMG, 6 x rifle) – Regular
9.       Gruppe 4 (1 x LMG, 6 x rifle) – Regular
      10.   Wespe – Regular

The river dividing the battlefield can be crossed by infantry, while vehicles can use the wooden bridge in the middle.

A “6” was rolled for the mission, so the scenario was to be “Demolition”! The British set up half of their army on the left, while the Germans took the right side. Tommy’s objective was to destroy an immobilized Tiger, while Jerry had to blow up an M17 AA half-track.

Rudi set up Alpha squad and Bertie squad in the centre, accompanied by the artillery observer. The MMG team was positioned to cover their right flank. Meanwhile the mortar carrier rolled up on their left next to some ruins, where the sniper team has already taken up position.

Pete decided to put Gruppe 3 (left flank) and 4 (right flank) on the table. Gruppe 3 was reinforced with Lt Bauer and his adjutant, while the centre was watched over by the StuG and the Wespe.

And so Turn 1 could begin.

Turn 1
The two British squads on the table advanced cautiously towards the river, all the while shooting at the Wespe (which was all out in the open), hoping to put some pins on it and succeeding in the endeavour. The sniper also joined in, further pinning the open topped vehicle. The Germans answered by firing the StuG’s main cannon at Bertie squad, in vain. Still, in order to get closer to the enemy (and their objective), Gruppe 3 crossed the river and ran to cover behind some ruins. Lt Bauer didn’t follow them, but kept close to provide leadership. Sadly, as Gruppe 3 arrived to the ruins, they were spotted by the mortar carrier, which immediately started zeroing in on them. At this point, thinking that no more significant movement will take place on that part of the battlefield, the artillery observer called in a barrage, which would hopefully arrive next turn. The Wespe, angered by the fact, that it was so open to small arms fire, shook off a pin marker and fired its cannon against the only target that could offer the biggest possibility of success, the artillery observer. Unfortunately, the shot fell short. The last unit to be activated on the field, was Gruppe 4 on the Germans’ right flank. They advanced a bit closer to the bridge, and shot at Bertie squad, pinning them, but not wounding anyone in the process.

Turn 2
The turn started with the sound of artillery shells dropping in. Although no enemy was directly hit, the barrage struck fear into the Krauts’ hearts, dishing out pins to all three units (Gruppe 3, Lt Bauer, the Wespe) in the area.
Trying to relieve the pressure a bit, the StuG aimed it’s cannon at the mortar carrier, which it spotted through the ruins, but the small vehicle proved to be too difficult a target as the shot missed. Its remotely operated MMG however, managed to pin down Bertie squad.
Avoiding certain death, the mortar carrier continued to zero in on Gruppe 3. The adrenaline pumping, thanks to the StuG’s shot shattering a wall next to them, the carrier’s crew successfully landed a mortar shot on the German squad, putting 2 pins on them but killing only one soldier as the unit was sensible enough to go down as it heard the projectile incoming.
Given this opportunity, Bertie squad ran towards the bridge, while the Wespe tried to get rid of some of its pins, successfully dropping 2.
Alpha squad quickly reacted to this and advanced towards the ruins, behind which Gruppe 3 was covering. While advancing, they shot at the Wespe, putting a pin back on it.
To reinforce their left flank, the Germans brought in Hanomag 01, moving it up to the riverside and laying down MMG fire on the exposed Alpha squad, hoping to slow their advance. Unfortunately all shots missed. During the commotion, the sniper in the ruins took aim and with deadly precision, shot Lt Bauer clean through the temple. His adjutant, shocked, but not broken, remained on the field to fight on.
It was time for Tommy to bring in heavier stuff, so the AEC rolled on to the table and tried to put Hanomag 01 out of action, its shot whizzing by harmlessly.
In order to put more pressure on the Germans, Rudi brought in Charlie squad on his left flank, who simply ran as fast as they could towards the river.
Pete tried to bring in more reinforcement in the form of Hanomag 02, but failed the morale check, so both the transport and Gruppe 1 it was carrying, stayed off the table for now.
Gruppe 2 finally decided to get out of their Hanomag and spray Alpha squad with some bullets, scoring 2 hits, but no kills. While doing so, they’ve dangerously exposed themselves to enemy fire.
The British light mortar team followed Charlie squad’s example and ran towards the river with them, accompanied by the PIAT team and the Lt.
Seeing the situation in the centre as dire, Lt Adler and his men disembarked from the Hanomag and opened fire at Alpha squad, killing a soldier. Gruppe 4 decided to join in too, killing one more soldier from Alpha squad.
Meanwhile, the solitary MMG team on Rudi’s right flank was given an Ambush order, as a potential target was yet to show itself (at the end of the turn, the order die was taken back).
Gathering courage from Lt Adler’s sudden appearance, the late Lt Bauer’s adjutant rallied and shrugged off both his pin markers. The artillery observer and his assistant, having fulfilled their primary purpose, were given a run order to set up at a more advantageous position. And last, but not least, the British jeep made an appearance as it drove up close to the centre. The gunner took aim and confidently pulled the trigger. Out of 4 MMG shots, the jeep scored 4 hits against Gruppe 2, killing 2 regular soldiers and the NCO, eliminating half the unit with one action and bringing Turn 2 to a dramatic end.

Turn 3
Gruppe 3 started the turn by remaining down in order to recover.
The NCO of Alpha squad cried out: “Up and at 'em lads!” pointing at the remains of Gruppe 2. The whole unit sprang up and ran towards their foe, one of them falling to the ground immediately with a German bullet in his chest (Gruppe 2’s reaction scored 4 hits, but only 1 kill). The rest of the unit reached Gruppe 2 and wiped them out completely, not giving them a chance to retaliate.
Witnessing the slaughter of their comrades, the StuG’s crew aimed the MMG at Alpha squad, scoring 3 hits and killing 1. Meanwhile the jeep was chosen as the target for the main cannon, but was missed by the AP projectile.
Lt Adler, in order not to get caught in the open, decided to go into the ruins before him and shoot at Alpha squad through the windows. His daring plan paid off as his unit scored 5 hits out of 6 shots and killed 2 soldiers in the process. However, this daring plan also had its cost: Lt Adler’s life, taken by the sniper still hiding within the ruins of the farmhouse on the British side.
With such cracks appearing in the German defence, Charlie squad and the PIAT team found it all too easy to cross the river unnoticed. In an attempt to avenge its fallen comrades, Hanomag 01 opened fire at Alpha squad, hitting 2, killing 1. Lacking better targets, the mortar carrier repositioned itself and started zeroing in on Gruppe 4.
Rudi then ordered the AEC to take care of a unit that was still a potential threat to the centre: the StuG. The armoured car rolled into a better position and aimed at the German machine, the shot hitting the monstrosity, but glancing off its steel hide.
The Wespe crew, having a clear view at Bertie squad, loaded the cannon and took a shot at the chunky target. Hearing the incoming projectile, the squad reacted by going down and the shot missed.
In order to prevent the Wespe from operating so freely, the jeep rolled a bit closer and fired at it, putting a pin on the still exposed artillery piece.
The MMG team, finally presented with a target in the form of Lt Adler’s unit lurking in the ruins, unleashed a hail of bullets on the two remaining men, killing them both in the process.
Pete ordered Gruppe 4 to provide the StuG with a bit more infantry support, so they ran from the forest towards the stables by the river. At that moment Hanomag 02 finally arrived, shooting at Alpha squad unsuccessfully before stopping at the river and unloading Gruppe 1. Gruppe 1 immediately opened fire at Alpha squad, killing the remnants of the unit.
Trying to prove that he’s still useful, the artillery observer’s assistant fired his rifle at Gruppe 4, hitting only dirt.
The light mortar considered this the perfect opportunity to cross the river and follow Charlie squad, while Lt Bauer’s adjutant aimed his assault rifle at the mortar carrier, but didn’t hit it.

Turn 4
Considering the many options he had before him, Pete decided to point the StuG’s main cannon at the AEC, while the MMG was aimed at Bertie squad. The MMG barked and although it scored 2 hits, it failed to kill anyone. On the other hand, Rudi decided not to execute an escape manoeuvre with the AEC, hoping Pete would simply miss. But the StuG’s crew wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip out of their grasp. The heavy AT gun was aimed at the stationary target with deadly precision and a second later, the armoured car was just a smouldering heap of steel.
Encouraged by the elimination of this threat, Hanomag 02 moved a bit closer to the bridge and also targeted Bertie squad with its MMG, but not hitting anyone.
Sensing they might not get a second chance, the PIAT team moved closer to the StuG and tried to crack it open, but without success.
The mortar carrier continued zeroing in on Gruppe 4 and succeeded in pinpointing their position. 1 pin, 3 hits, 3 kills.
Correctly recognizing Gruppe 1 as the largest threat currently, the sniper took aim and fired at them, scoring a hit, but no kill.
Charlie squad on the other hand were given the order to advance around the stables and try to shoot Gruppe 4 from the back. The unit did well, scoring 9 hits and wiping out Gruppe 4 completely.
The jeep’s main objective was still to keep the Wespe out of action, scoring a further pin on it. This was the final straw for the German crew as they subsequently failed a Fire! order and had to put the Wespe in reverse.
With Gruppe 4 gone, the light mortar team seized the opportunity and ran towards the objective, keeping its distance from the StuG. In the meantime, Hanomag 01 opened fire at Bertie squad, scoring 3 hits, but no kills. The British Lt, seeing how pinned down Bertie squad is, moved across the river to give the lads the necessary support.
The late Lt Bauer’s adjutant tried his luck again, this time scoring a hit and putting a pin on the mortar carrier.
Bertie squad, thanks to the presence of their Lt, successfully execute a run order and head towards the bridge, where the Germans are already waiting for them.
The MMG team once again sets up an ambush, but with no target presenting itself, the order die is taken back at the end of the turn.
Gruppe 1 moves around the StuG and seeing a more imminent threat than Bertie squad, aim their guns at the PIAT team. 0 hits.
Having to look for a new target yet again, the artillery observer tries to kill Lt Bauer’s adjutant, but unsuccessfully.

Turn 5
The PIAT team try their luck again, but hitting the StuG is a very difficult task, which they don’t seem to manage.
The StuG, not even considering the PIAT team as a worthy target, decides to put the mortar carrier out of action and slow the light mortar team down a bit in their mad dash towards the objective. The main cannon hits the mortar carrier, putting 2 pins on it and forcing it to go down as the crew gets stunned by the heavy AT shell’s impact. Meanwhile the remotely controlled MMG not only hits the light mortar team, but wipes it out completely.
Hanomag 01 fires its MMG at Bertie squad at the bridge, scoring 2 hits and killing a soldier. As a reply, the sniper aims at Gruppe 1 again and this time, takes out the NCO. Sadly, nobody in the unit is fit to take over the leadership.
The MMG team also tries its luck and fires at Gruppe 1, scoring a hit, but no kill. Emboldened by these results, the British Lt also tries his luck and his unit shoots at Gruppe 1, but score n hits whatsoever.
It’s the Germans’ turn again, and Gruppe 1 prepares to kill more of Bertie squad. But the suffered pins and their NCO’s death prove enough to make the unit disobedient as they fail their Fire! order.
Capitalizing on this fail of German discipline, Bertie squad moves on to the bridge and sprays Gruppe 1 with bullets, hitting 6, killing 4.
Never has a target been so close and so exposed to the Wespe, so it tries to blow Bertie squad off the bridge. Unsuccessfully however as the shot goes wildly way off target.
Hanomag 02 tries to correct the Wespe’s error and opens fire on Bertie squad, scoring 4 hits, killing 2 soldiers and the NCO.
Finally, the jeep finishes what no one else could: killing Lt Bauer’s adjutant.
Gruppe 3, which has been inactive until now in order to recover from multiple pins inflicted on them, decides to spring into action … but fails its morale check and goes down.
Again, the artillery observer has been deprived of a target, so it starts shooting at Hanomag 01, but doesn’t hit it.

And finally Charlie squad, thinking that the situation is well in hand, makes a dash towards the objective.

Turn 6
Once again, the StuG gets the first order on the German side and shoots at the mortar carrier with its cannon, but misses. Its MMG however scores 3 hits on Charlie squad and kills 2 soldiers.
Hanomag 02 tries to repeat its previous performance and opens fire at Bertie squad. All 4 shots hit, but none are killed.
Tired of being shot at contantly, Bertie squad uses the “Up and at 'em” rule to attack Gruppe 1. They only score 3 kills in close combat, but the Germans answer with 0 kills, so they are all captured. This also means that Hanomag 02 will be destroyed at the end of the turn, as there are no friendly infantry units close by.
Knowing that victory is at hand, but feeling the need to contribute, the PIAT team makes one final attempt at punching through the StuG’s armour. And lady luck smiles on them this time, for they not only breach the tanks armour, but hit the fuel tank, causing the StuG to be enveloped by flames rather quickly. This proves too much for the crewmembers, who leave their vehicle hastily and flee in disarray.
The mortar carrier tries to execute a fire order, but fails (or it simply doesn’t want to at this point).
In a final act of defiance and in compliance with the scorched earth doctrine, the Wespe once again fires at Bertie squad, finally hitting with its massive projectile, not only pulverising the enemy unit, but the bridge they were standing on as well.

British victory predicted by the end of Turn 6 as Charlie squad was one run move away from the objective!

+++ Small hamlet somewhere in France. Roads are missing though+++

+++ Forces are deployed+++

+++ Brave brits are advancing towards the statue and along the alley +++

 +++Stug searching for some targets+++

+++Slightly pinned germans are covering behind ruined house.+++ 

+++ Wespe full of pins. Bombardment did nice job +++

+++ Run for the bridge +++

+++ Bit crowded. Halftrack came, but lieutenant Bauer ist tot +++

 +++ My beloved AEC III and mortar carrier are harrasing the Jerry +++

+++ Hält! Die Brücke +++

+++ Bolt Action ist krieg! +++

+++ Left flank which would win me the game +++

+++ Stinky PIATses +++

+++ You can never have TOO much germans +++ 

+++ Bridge not too far +++

+++ And for my next trick I´ll turn this PIAT into dead Stug +++

11 May 2015

+++ 3rd Division & shed+++

So now I´m slowly finishing some infantry for the brits and also I´ve got some buildings to paint. 
I ´ve waited for a couple of days for decals of the 3rd Division (frankly, I´ve choosen them because of simplicity of the sign of a black and red triangle) 
Then I was like.. well, could someone help me with how those signs were used? Ok, I´ve checked few Osprey books and decided to go a bit wild heh. Sadly then, I do not have historicaly correct signs. Or maybe I do, but don´t know which regiment or brigade they are. 

I´ve painted this shed today after work after some time I´ve spent on Warthunder. I feared that I  will be playing more than painting, but somehow gets frustrated by british planes and turned Warplanes off. Get to the shed to heal my nerves a bit..

Please check that NCO there with Schmeisser MP 40 - he cleary likes it more than Sten gun

Also note that bush besides the shed. I really, really like it as a "realistic" touch. Got 15 of them for about a 7 euro, which was quite a deal considering how nice they are. Be prepared for more of them.

Yep, that shed is bit "comics" style, not realistic as are my brits, but after long years of warhammer, I cannot change that habit of painting comics style easily. 

2 May 2015

+++ Bolt Action Vehicles +++

Finaly I´ve found some time to upload something new. This time it´s my Bolt Action project, 3rd Infantry Division and 2nd Household Cavalry.

AEC III from 2nd Household Cavalry, a model from Warlord Games. Personally I like that big brick of resin even though there was some work to do to make it more real. Basic model is very plain.

I was quite dissapointed with the absence of decals (not only in this model, but WG didn´t sent them with old carriers either) so I´ve scavenged allied stars from new carriers. Also it´s sad that WG doesn´t make some spare wheels or more stowage for this model.