23 Feb 2015

+++ 4th Yalden Update II +++

Second update for 4th Yalden regiment is all about Elite slots and my favorite models - commissars.

Those are commissars fighting with 4th Yalden or in joint operations with 4th.
From left to right:
Tars Varen, junior commissar of the Platoon Z
Sokal Tma, lord commissar of the faith, high priest of ecclesiarchy with commissar training and education.
Artes von Klevitz, lord commissar attached to 4th Yalden by 2nd Army commander and overall commander of the Imperial Actions on Aterna Prime.
Joachen Tirpitz, old grizzled commissar of the 4th Yalden regiment. Man literally made of steel because of his numerous injuries and bionic replacements. He´s regimental commissar for almost three decades and served on frontlines during numerous deployments in various combat zones.
Mark Tauarg, fresh replacement for 311th battalion comes to the regiment few months after his predecessor was killed in battle. Aterna Prime is his first combat deployment with fighting units of 311th battalion.
Vand Kaana, commissar fighting with regimental Grenadiers. His heavy arment corresponds with fighting style of Grenadier units of the 4th.
Ogryns under the command of sgt.Maakral and commissar Pavri Hallan from 258th Ogryn Auxilla Battalion, bound for a life-time to 4th Yalden. Those brutes are always on the forefront of every combat deployment except perhaps stealthy forward missions and patrols.

Primaris psyker Atalante, rescued by the shadowy figure of inquisitor and attached to frontline units of the 4th, Atalante is aloof man, chased by the world only he can see and grasp.
Ecclesiarchial priesthood attached to 4th. Again, from left to right:
Varin Lamark, venerable deacon from the Yalden system. For countless years he preached on various worlds, space stations, mining outposts until he found himself a new service - to physicaly fight the enemy of mankind.
Corto, young and eager priest, comes to 4th during their last deployment in Rofs warzone. One of the handful of survivors of planet-wide massacre by ruinous powers, his hatered towards servants of chaos is almost unmatched in whole 4th congregation.
Iffar Vaheer is a priest from Aterna Prime, who joined ranks of 4th during their first battle on the planet.

Command section of storm troopers from 2 Storm Battalion. Commander of this strike force is cpt.Heffron, able and agressive officer from Yalden´s best military school.

A squad led by commissar-sergeant Rawkn Huffe. Credited for destruction of at least three walker-tanks of the enemy during defence in the outskirts of Aterna Prime. 
B squad led by sgt.Yawhn Hallad is frequently used for recce and hit-and-run missions deep into the enemy territory.

C squad led by sgt.Shiloh Sinai, ex-grenadier trooper. Men of C squad are dedicated demolition experts. During Tan-Rho raid, they destroyed countless enemy bunkers and installations.

19 Feb 2015

+++ 4th Yalden Update I +++

As I already wrote, my IG force gets solid update by painting this fall and winter. Mainly because the longer I, the more I refuse to play with unpainted miniatures (well, at least mine) but also by few great tournament events I´m regularly visiting and which requires full paint.
Since playing for the bike marine is not as much fun as it looks (press forward and do not get drunk sooner than your enemy), I´m looking forward to play mid-tier IG.
So long story short, I´ve did some chinese-kid-style manufacture job.

Personal unit of major Strabke of Company A, 311th Battalion, 4th Yalden Regiment. From left to right, there´s medic Aiskach, runner Caracal, major Strabke himself, standard-bearer Ensi, vox operator Marillo and Company A commissar Ulrik Kerenski.
As a Company commander, he´s most often found where the combat is thickest.

Regimental advisors, who served with 4th Yalden during later days of Aterna Prime Campaign.
Master of the Ordnance Manco Capax from the artillery battalion 7th Malzan Drakes
Officer of the Fleet Aliyah Bet is liason officer from the cruiser His Will
Astropath Norvik Starski´s duty lies with 4th Yalden Regiment and he´ s bound with them by prophetical vision he gained on Holy Terra during his soul bonding.
Command squad of the Platoon X, Company A, commissar and combat engineers of the same platoon. Commander in chief is cpt. Harken Tabr, able and veteran officer serving in the regiment for almost a decade. He´s agressive commander who throws himself and his men into gaps in attack or defence.
Commissar Staur Kasr frequently assigne himself with the bulk of the platoon so he can watch, fight and occasionaly punish during the battle.
Combat engineers, those are armed by Grenade launchers, are used as fire support in the field and are also vital during any attack on the enemy strongpoints.
Command squad of the Platoon Y, commissar Goya Hattel and flamethrower-equipped combat engineers.
Platoon Y is under skillful command of cpt.Annid Naur, who wields his ancient plasma pistol - gift from one agent of the Inquisition obtained long ago, with unnatural accuracy. On one occasion, cpt.Naur destroyed two light vehicles of the enemy and two more combat walkers during counter-attack on the outskirts of Aterna Prime. For this action, he was awarded by Steel Saint - honour awarded by Yalden regiments for extraordinery bravery during combat.
Autocannon teams from the Company A support. Those six high rate of fire guns under the command of sgt.Duirt forms light AT defense during any engagement.
Since they are usualy very well supplied by ammo, commanders use them as a fire support as well.
Sergeants of the Platoon X - Gehin, Tella, Enet and Kulluf.
Sergeants of the Platoon Y - Ibn Faaris, Ashkel, Hawn, Narren.

Operator of the Yalden Pattern plasma gun from one of squads. This weapon is a standard support weapon of each squad. It combines rapid fire ability with serious anti-tank and anti-armour punch which highly increases squad´s combat performance in the field.

Chimeras from regimental supply. Those workhorses are used mainly by command elements, grenadiers and storm troopers.


18 Feb 2015

+++ Long winter nights part II +++

So as I promissed, there´s next part of Long winter nights I spent painting miniatures.
This part is about Mechanicum project I started recently. Even though it´s 30K HH army, I´ve made them to be used beside 4th Yalden guard.
Painting was as easy as it could be. Khorne red as a base colour for robes, then Nuln oil and then Khorne red once more. Rest was all about metalic colours washed by Nuln oil or Reikland Fleshshade. Also those were first models on which I used Citadel Technical paints.


First of all, magos dominus Mars-born Xerxes, Thrice-blessed by Cog.
He´s ancient magos leading the Quest for Knowledge in the sub-sector. Leader of small fleet and an army of Mechanicum troops, he pledget his service for protection of Aterna Prime and, for some unknown reason, also his skills to the lord Reivan Longinius, chaptermaster of the Swords of Ultima chapter.


Eerie magos genetor Valpurga of the Mithril sect, she´s accompanying Xerxes for a few centuries now. They´ve been in Distant Stars beyond the light of astronomican, they sailed angry waves of the Ulgafish storm and she lost her legs and most of her body during the exploration of the Maftir cluster.
Now cold, logic and ever-curious, she´s constantly pushing forward her knowledge of biology, xeno-biology and skill in servitor-making.


Former transmechanic on nameless monitoring imperial station in deep space, tech-priest Manaul XII joined ranks of Xerxes after he was forced to flee the station after unsuccesful attempt to create better transmitting device.


Aur Cydonian is tech-priest bound to 4th Yalden regiment to look upon their vehicles and more sophisticated equipment. He´s serving with them for almost decade not only working on the machines, but also fighting in the first lines supporting their combat actions.


Tech-priest enginseer Ivir the Iron Sky is also bound to 72nd Armoured. Tasked by guarding the machinespirit of mighty Leman Russ tanks and the other vehicles, he works closely with Aur Cydonian and with other enginseers of the Yalden Corps.

Kappa Rho I
Kappa Rho II
Myrmidon cults Kappa Rho I and Kappa Rho II from personal retinue of Xerxes are mainly armed by graviton technology based weapons and so is tasked by destruction of heavy armoured troops. This battle-hungry troops of myrmidon auxilla are ofted spotted on the forefront of any attack blessed by Xerxes presence.
Kappa Rho I played crucial role in repulsion of traitor marines attack during the Siege of Aterna Prime during which they killed no less than three terminators and dozen of traitorous marines.
Kappa Rho II stormed the ancient complex of Baalraptus to deny it to the traitors. Backed by hundreds of servitors and tech-thralls, they sacrificed most of them, but succeeded in this task.

Castellax Battle-Automata Citadel is used by Xerxes as his personal bodyguard. Always close, always ready to throw himself into the fray beside his master and commander.
There´s rumor that the ghost in the shell of this automata is long-dead close associate of Xerxes.
But how can cold, feelingless and calculating mind of magos dominus clinge on something odd and almost-human as this?

Happy Mechanicum Family

17 Feb 2015

+++ Long winter nights part I +++

Few updates from those long winter nights I´ve dedicated to do some painting and stuff.


First of all are those Myrmidons from Horus Heresy. Since I´m dedicated fan of John Blanche´s vision of Warhammer 40K, I love all those mechanicum models and looking forward to rumors of them to be playable in 40K as well.
Painting them was quite a pleasure. And very easy.


As I was bored by marines, I´ve decided to finish my Imperial Guard regiment. There was more than 100 models not painted or only partialy painted.
Those 102 models  on the picture are boys and girls of proud 4th Yalden regiment.
Of course there are more painted by now so I´ll make group pic today I hope.
But right now, enjoy those few (those happy few...)


Ah, my precious Faithful. Count as conscripts, those religious fanatics, veterans from the battles long gone and infirmary patients are colourful addition to otherwise dull and monochrome guard.
I really like them.
And there are more than 15 to be painted to this day.


Ogryns. Although worst option one can build from the ogryn/bullgryn box, I love them so much that there was no other eventuality for me to make them. Ogryns are one of the trademark IG models for me.
But hell, they are miserable, poor bastards who die like shit and do the same.


Griffon - Yalden Pattern. Not much to say. Few plastcard plates and bits from IG and now I´ve got nice, armoured Griffon. Mainly because the old one was too fugly and weird-looking.


Well, since I´ve got too much time apparently (and too much paint also) there are 5 chimeras and those three Leman Russes painted now (ok, also two griffons) and 5 Lemans waiting for repaint.

Thanks for watching