20 Jan 2016

+++Gladius Irae+++

+++ Gladius Irae +++

I´m back after a long lull. Got no time for uploading any photos, nor any progress in miniatures.  But there´s a chance that I´ll do some massive update of my Bolt Action armies. After all, both armies are already painted.
And there´s a Mechanicum army on my table right now. And Necromundian gang... ok, time for the knight : )

I´ve got this fella as a Christmas gift from my brother and immediately started with it. It´ll be from same House as my previous knight, so the colour scheme is quite easy.

It came with cockpit, but without a driver. This one is a kitbash from Scitarii head, Empire Pistolier body and Elysian legs.
Still don´t know how to make the hatch openable though
Yes, he stands on the megabolter from titan. 
Happy with chains, still unsure what will be on that flag