4 May 2016

+++ April Update +++

This April was quite a lazy month for my projects.
 Dunno why, maybe spring and... ok I admit it, I played Crusader Kings II. A lot : ) 
But nontheless I´ve get back to painting last week. As there´s a big order from Warlord Games on it´s way, I need to finish as much 40K stuff as I can. I´m afraid that next few months will be Geyond the Gates of Antares and Bolt Action themed. Looking forward to it of course, as I really love those minis.
Ok, let´s get back to 40K for now.
I´ve finished small power station for necromunda / wasteland games. Still bit dissapointed by how I´ve done the rust, but it´s considered finished for now.
Kitbash and some plastcard stuff. And an old bulb which fits very nice. Reminds me of Trigun anime : )

There´s some kitbashed guy for more or less radical inquisitor, agent Baril for whom I wrote short story. Thebody is from some Rackam mini I presume?

Electro-priests for mechanicum. I´ve stole the idea somewhere on the web and for the first time tried to press mould bitz on my own. It was actualy easy even though there´s still much to improve for me. But the important thing is knowing that it is possible to mould small bitz. Especialy those backpacks. They´ll be essential for any future (dark?) mechanicum projects. We´ll see.. 

 Dominator Tleix. I love that model so much..and I need to get him some fluff till I finish him.
Rough Riders for IG. Legs are from Victoria Miniatures, lances are from Warlord Games and rest is GW. I like how they look, I´ll try to make them more scout / 20th century cavalery thing than medieval.  

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